what is e-business?

By: Pankaj Sudhan


E-business refers to conducting business activities online over the internet and electronic networks

Introduction to E-Business

E-Business While e-commerce focuses on transactions, e-business encompasses overall business activities conducted digitally

Concept of E-Commerce

E-business provides global reach and access to a wider target audience for businesses leveraging digital channels

Scope and Reach

E-business broadly includes e-commerce transactions, online customer engagement and service, digital marketing, etc

Components and Models

E-business offers benefits like expanded reach, 24x7 operations, access to data-driven insights, and more

Key Benefits of Adopting

Transitioning to e-business poses challenges like setting up technology infrastructure, addressing security risks, etc

Challenges in Implementing

AI-based product recommendations, VR-powered shopping experiences represent some emerging e-business tech

Emerging Technologies Powering

A well-defined strategy aligned to overall business objectives is key to e-business success

Strategy and Planning

Companies like Amazon and Alibaba exemplify efficiently run global e-business models

Examples of Successful Models

Commerce Personalisation, voice search and AI are considered among future e-business game-changers

Future of E-Business